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Cue ID/Number Ivory Points
Price 0
Description This is a six pointed cue featuring an ebony forearm and butt sleeve. The long points are snakewood surrounded by six veneers. The short points are solid ivory. The rings are comprised of sterling silver rings highlighting and 10 stitch ring comprised of the veneers. The butt sleeve has 3 snakewood windows bordered by the veneers and 3 snakewood ovals. The inlays are a combination of a diamond, cross, and a propeller. The joint, ferrules, butt cap, and inlays are ivory. The cue features a black elephant ear wrap and weighs 19.5 oz. The 2 shafts are 13mm and have kamui black soft tips. This cue features a radial pin. This is my new playing cue and is not available.
Build Date 3/4/2012
Is Sold
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